Our Developmental and Performance programs add a creative piece to continued skill learning. Athletes are Building Skill and Learning to Train & Perform in the long-term athlete development.

Some athletes are aspiring to move into the competitive division – others favour the performance division. Both pathways, step-up training, with focus on fitness elements required to advance in skill level. The performance opportunities, be it showing a routine on apparatus or in a team display, develop confidence and an understanding of being part of a team all within a fun training environment.

Developmental team members focus on building a strong base of skills, in a pre-competitive style training, pushing their physical and mental abilities in routines to perform at KGTC in-gym events and inter-club level at the KGTC Invitational held annually in March.

Performance members integrate tumbling skills, circus, sport acrobatics and rhythmic apparatus into creating a team display, in addition to training inter-club level routines on all apparatus. Teams perform at the KGTC Invitational, attend the annual BC Gymnaestrada and KGTC’s year-end event. Those who are dreaming of bigger – check out the World Gymnaestrada team page.

Each athlete is coached to do their personal best, and the safety, health and wellness of each child is a priority.

Ready to become a development/performance gymnast? KGTC provides a safe, friendly environment with professional coaches to help you learn. What are you waiting for – Join KGTC today!

Who is this program for? Athletes who are ready to commit to more time in the gym and are focused on taking their gymnastics to a new level. Athletes are invited to join due to their skills, work ethic and self-motivation to improve. It is highly recommended, although not required, to train twice a week and to participate in the above noted events.

The Performance Team groups athletes who have similar strengths and skill level for training. You don’t need performance experience to get started in our Intro program. As you gain experience, you will work as part of a team to learn and perform more and more amazing routines. Teams are often combined to perform displays that are fun, dynamic, varied in age and new!

How do I register? You may register online or in person.


When do I register?

  • Program training sessions are September to June.
  • Summer training is a recommended option.
  • Registration begins in mid-July and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Summer registration begins in mid-May.

What to bring to each session: We want athletes to have fun while they learn in a safe and secure environment.

They should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move easily. Shorts and t-shirts are great – just ensure that clothes are not too baggy as it may become a danger or too tight to be restrictive. Long hair should be tied back and socks and shoes removed. Jewellery or other items that might cause scratching or become caught in materials should be removed.

KGTC has leotards and shorts available for purchase in the Athlete Boutique.

Food and Drink: A water bottle is permitted. No food or juices are permitted unless for medical reasons.


School Age: (5 YRS TO 9 YRS)

School Age: (9 YRS TO 13 YRS)

High School: (12 YRS TO 18 YRS)


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