Fundraisers at KGTC

At KGTC, fundraising is one of the ways we support our annual Spirit of KGTC athlete and coach financial bursaries, as well as buy new equipment that benefits everyone from the casual users in the community who drop in, to the athletes that train here and the school physical education field trips that visit.

The largest fundraising effort that KGTC has ever undertaken is also one of our proudest accomplishments – becoming a mainstay at the Tournament Capital Centre. Used for training by sports teams and gymnasts, competitive events and community users, the KGTC facility partnered with the City of Kamloops and moved into a new facility with newly purchased equipment. Once the facility opened, our programs and role expanded. Not only are we are a gymnastics and trampoline facility, but we also teach the fundamental skills that are the basis of all sports and a life-long love of physical activity.

Many individuals, teams and classes participate in fundraisers to receive a portion (75% of proceeds – minus expenses and KGTC administration fee of 25%) which are credited to the athletes credit account. These fundraising dollars may be used to assist athletes in competition and training camp fees, KGTC Team attire, team travel (vans, buses, airline tickets, hotels, meals booked as a team through KGTC.) Money raised through fundraising activities cannot be applied to regular training program fees.

How does KGTC and our Athletes fundraise? Our main methods of fundraising are:

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Davison Orchards Apple Fundraiser

kgtc-apple apple-order-form

The Great Little Coupon Book

 great-little-coupon-bookcoupon-book-participants coupon-order-form

Kamloops Blazers Tickets

Fundraiser information to follow shortly.

Poinsettia and Wreaths

Fundraiser information to follow shortly.